Sunday, May 23, 2021

the light shadows


A man worrying about light shadows

Every waking hour he will see in his mind

Will he be sitting on his power chair?

Will he find himself out of the equation?

He has his chances

Walking through the back door

With a smile and clapping hands

The ringing in his ears

Though the memory may fade

It isn't his time to lead the nation

He can't get the winning formula

He went in by the back door

Now he has to grabble C19

It has caused much pain and misery

Even the nation resources are depleting fast

And he keeps thinking of his power chair

The emergency gives him a breathing space

He knows he will knock off any time soon

The howling in his back yard going high

The time isn't on his side

The light shadows move

Quietly in the chess movements

Until there is a check-mate

The man will surrender

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