Friday, May 21, 2021

rocking rona is rising


Fear in our minds

Yet we want to live normal

As the statistics keep showing us

It will be a long haul

Rocking Rona is rising

The back door is milked by it

Why still thinking of economy?

Lives are important to keep

Economy can be revived

We aren't talking of a long lock down

We are talking about a week or two

The full lock down to contain the virus

Now we will wait for Raya clusters

Because these people never follow SOP

Normal isn't the game now

Because of Rocking Rona it has changed

The vaccines are to help

Build walls to protect the immune system

Don't we all think of natural remedies?

While waiting to be vaccinated we should try

It will be a long haul

Get the action plan right

As it is now it is hit and run

It never brings down C19

The back door has failed

Maybe karma has a way of saying

Let PH return to get it going

Maybe PH can organize it better!

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