Saturday, May 29, 2021

all the back door


All the back door

Set your sail and go away

Let go of your anchor

Do us this favour

C19 isn't playing

The back door still can't do

Still warming seats

Still dreaming of wealth

On the ground

In the air

C19 keeping track

On the SOP breakers

Now C19 is every where

New mutations landed ages ago

The SOP breakers still never learn

And the back door dreaming in paradise

The land of the red zones

Whose faults will we put a blame?

The back door doesn't need to stay

Sail away to the sunset

Give vaccines house to house

Do it now before C19 jumps the queue

But the back door still walking so slow

The infection will shoot the chart

All the back door

Set your sail leave the harbour

Sail away to the sunset

We will not miss you

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