Tuesday, May 18, 2021

solutions need to be found


The MCO isn't working

The way it is now

Infections will knock us high

Now the total lock down should introduce

We don't have a choice

We need to kill off the C19

Every one has to work in tandem

Put aside the political differences

This is our nation to save

We can't be thinking of supremacy

Of a race or religion or whatever

C19 doesn't care what we try to differentiate

C19 just wants to invest in hosts

The more the merrier for the virus

We mustn't fall for our greed and power

We will pay for our transgression

The emergency isn't working too

His Majesty should recall it home

Reconvene Parliament immediately

Better still he can remove the sitting leader

This is the situation

Yesterday we had over 4,400 infections

The hospitals are nearly full

Do we still wait and see?

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