Saturday, May 15, 2021

the crazy people


The crazy people

Finding ways to get home

Though they know they shouldn't

They can bring the virus along

Yet the long queue

The police say they have turned away

1,300 drivers back where they came

These are the crazy people

They think Rocking Rona is sleeping

The virus is waiting to attack for hosts

These people are right there into it

They think they are immune?

Some have gone to the short cuts

Driving through mud roads in estates

Beating the road blocks and the police

They think they are the smart drivers

They must remember they can bring

The latest mutations back to the villages

They may cause a spike in C19 cases

As the simulation will predict of 8k cases

The crazy people

Eager to go home for celebrations

They should stay where they are

Give a miss save souls from infection!

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