Sunday, May 30, 2021

the police credibility


The police credibility

Sadly it seems on the low drive

What happen to the police cartel?

The new IGP doesn't say

The public still feel

The trust issue with the police

The custody deaths in lock-up

The alleged beatings with rubber hoses

During my kampong days

The Malay thugs got beaten up

Put them up in Black Maria

In lock up they got the beating

On releasing from lock up

They would buy Chinese medicines

They said to ease the internal pain

Outwardly it couldn't be seen

Until today the double standards

Ministers breaking SOP still no charge or fine

Still under investigations for weeks or months

While ordinary folks will be fined on the spot!

The police have to come clean

IPCMC should be enforced within

It will help the police to get back the trust

Along the way the credibility issue

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