Thursday, May 20, 2021

the back door has lost its way


Full lock down?

It may not be the way

Because the virus has spread

Digging deeper into the population

The new strains appear B1617 and B1351

Giving us more headaches and distress

The way the vaccines are rolling out

It speaks of weak administration

Pick a state where it has the most

Lock it down and vaccinate the people

Stop the spread in the most infected state

Then progress it to the next major one

Now the vaccines are all over

Some here; some there; some at the centre

Is this the way to control the spread of C19?

Bearing in mind vaccines are prevention!

The back door leaders have lost the way

C19 makes them look like easy meat

They should resign and let PH take control

Before the nation collapses and monies gone

Today the infection hits 6,800

It may hit 8,000 a day in no time

As the rate we observe the trend

The Raya clusters may come on board

Full lock down?

The birds have flown

It is best to hand-over to PH

Let a new set of brains figure it out!

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