Wednesday, May 19, 2021

every one talking about vaccines


Every one talks of vaccines

Rolling out to the people in need

The programme should benefit many

But it seems there is hiccup along the route

The back door shouldn't hold it

Let the states find it sources to roll in

As it stands today there are too many hold ups

Playing politics in the pandemic?

Penang CM should take the free 2 millions vaccine

China has vaccinated her people with it

The Western world especially US will discredit

But what the heck! We have to stop the C19

In fact it should roll out on state by state

Starting with the highest infection rate

Not at the current level of rolling out

Like Selangor vaccinate them first

While waiting nobody talks about natural cures

Baking soda and raw honey can kill cancer virus

This combination allows the virus to drink it

Bringing it back to the cells and implode

The virus in the cells will eat it up

Causing a change reaction in the cells

In time the cancer cells die

So it can happen with C19 virus

No worry there is no side effect

It cleans up the toxins and make the body strong

I am drinking it every day for years

So while waiting drink this natural remedy

We shouldn't wait for C19

We have to take pro-active measures

SOP can help but the mutations keep us worry

So while waiting drink the natural potion

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