Sunday, May 30, 2021

the total lock down


The total lock down

Starting 1 to 14 June

A police force of 70,000

They will enforce the rule

Will the streets be empty?

There are still allowances given

For certain sectors to do business

It will be sufficient for C19 to flourish

It has to be no economic activities

On the duration of the lock down

We need to tackle head on with C19

Fighting head to head without compromising

We want to cut C19 down

Half measures will not solve the issues

Vaccines are prevention

Those vaccinated shouldn't be gung-ho on it

Every economic activity must be put on hold

Let every one stay indoor to stop the spread

Forget about losing billions when lives are at stake

Kill off C19 the good living will return

The total lock down

Every one should stay at home

The streets should be empty

Half measures will not solve the issues

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