Tuesday, May 18, 2021

the weak should seek peace


The dogs and cats

They will keep fighting

On the political differences

Showing their claws clamouring to win

But it will not happen

Because a peace settlement isn't there

One weak party still wants his way

Though he is weak to make demands

We know the rules

The weak should seek peace

Wait until the strong falls

Then he fights back again

The constant irritations

Showing the weak has no clues

He has no arsenal

He has no strong support

For decades the wrong approaches

The new born will make the same mistakes

Of the last generation before them

Besides, he shouldn't fight on a weak front

Most of the times he will run leaving his work undone

Among his own people he wants to talk big

In reality he should seek peace

Find a better solution to live and prosper

Waging a conflict on a weak position

It is always a failure

Look at his neigbours

The dogs and cats

Must be willing to respect the rules

When a party is weak

It is better to negotiate for peace

Though he may get less

There is always a tomorrow!

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