Monday, May 24, 2021

let it go save the nation


We don't want to call you stupid, Moo

We want you to relinquish your post

Let another leader take the job

He is so eager to show his mettle

Reminded me of the Old Man

Those years in Hussein Onn time

He always rattled the prime minister

Until Hussein Onn gave it to him

Though he stayed a long time

He has brought the nation progress

But he single handedly brainwashed the soft values

The honesty, trust and compassion gone

Now we have no vision leader

He only says to please himself

He should know he has no capability

He just wants to sit on the chair

He should be honest with himself

Going through the back door

He already smells bad with it

Now karma is taking stock

Moo, time to retire

It isn't helping you

You tasted it but you couldn't handle the job

Let it go and save your soul

We don't want to call you stupid, Moo

You have your days and times

But you make it worst

Let it go save the nation

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