Friday, May 14, 2021

world war 3


World War 3

It will happen in our times

The spots are making its way

It was foretold in the Bible

The books of Isaiah, Ezekiel or John

The political ambition of other nations

It will cause the conflict to escalate into war

Watch out on Syria

This is the hot bed to happen

The assassination on the current leader

Israel will keep bombing and escalating it

Because she has the support of US

Magoh* of the North

She will march to US

She will use a sound weapon

Hit US many millions will die!

The mystery Babylon

The whore of prostitution

It describes US

There stands the statue of Liberty

The prophecy in the Bible

Samael of the Morningstar

Banished to Earth to cause troubles

The first angel is seeking revenge

These are the signs

Showing the way for the Lord returns

The prophecies have to pass

Before the King of kings will arrive in glory

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