Sunday, May 09, 2021

every one must play a role


We are on our own

MCO 1 and 2 couldn't bring down Rocking Rona

Now MCO 3.0 will not change the scene

The virus has new mutations in supply*

Vaccinations can't help but to prevent

Though those vaccinated can be hit by it

It isn't a cure so they have to follow SOP

Do not forget the virus still stay

Every one must play a role

Do not try to ignore good advice

The virus isn't playing game

It is here to make us pay

It makes the drug companies

Collecting billions on our fear

On vaccines aren't tested in full

FDA in US hasn't given the green signal

Yet every one wants to get vaccinated

The serious side effects haven't disclosed

What we hear are the minor ones

Reports in US and Oz some died or in ICU

We are on our own

The back door has failed

The virus chart is climbing up

Emergency decree hasn't helped

* new mutations B1351 South Africa B1351.1 India B117 UK

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