Monday, May 17, 2021

the social ladders in dating game


When we were growing up

We were told about standards

Even about women who would come and go

Look for similarities in each other

Look for the same social ladders

So that we wouldn't get squeezed

Don't try to go beyond our reach

We would fall and we heard “I tell you so!”

Now we might have been fooled

We shouldn't put barriers in our pursuit

Especially on women coming into our lives

We should aim the best we can find

We shouldn't fall for 5 or 6

We should go for 9 or 10

This is to test our ability

How we stand and learn along with it

As the saying goes “no venture no gain”

No action no result if we are shy or fear

Because women always want to test us

They will play a game of hard to get

If we are on the playing field

We mustn't put up with barriers in our pursuits

We should practice push and pull

It will always work in the game

When we were growing up

We were schooled to look at our levels

The social ladders have become a caste system

We should break free and play the game

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