Friday, May 28, 2021

rocking rona fly


It isn't stopping

Rocking Rona on the rise

The back door has lost

No new strategy to fight

Dr Siti Hasmah has said

Make it compulsory for all

Going house to house

Give the injection and so be it

No need to go to appointed centres

It will cause too many people crowding around

Rocking Rona will like the herd of people

It can spread its infection without walls

A simple form to fill

Maybe a page will do

Let the family members fill in

And the vaccines go

Let the state handle it

This is the easy way to beat

There will be no red tape or foul up

The state leaders will gladly do

Now the surge of C19*

It is causing fear with the public

The under-dosing and slow procurement

The MCO with leeway

* on 28/5/2021 it has 8290 infected Maybe it can reach 10K in June?

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