Sunday, May 30, 2021

i have a date with vaccine


Some are happy

They get notifications for vaccinations

They will express their joy

Thinking the long wait is over

It is just to prevent C19 causing severe illness

Nobody should think it is a cure

Prevention is better here

We have to live with it

I will be going for my jab

In the lock down in June

I just had a message delivered

So the day is set for me

Looking at what the world will be doing

The governments may impose restriction

Not vaccinated; no travel on borders, districts or countries

It may run foul of Nuremburg Code of 1947

But the world leaders may not listen

Each nation will try protect its own citizens

On the rising tide of C19 to the world

Though natural cure should be found

While those who are waiting

Drink baking soda with raw honey

Mix it in a cup of water 1 teaspoon each

It will help you to defend against the viruses

Stay at home

Let Rocking Rona bite the dust

The hospitals are nearly full

Don't let the health systems break down

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