Thursday, May 27, 2021

i am C19


I am C19

I am Rocking Rona

You can't stop me now

I am on the roll

I came from Wuhan

I had traveled a long way from home

I have seen the world

I bring death, sadness, misery and pain

I bring down the economy

Though others still make billions

Because I am on the roll

You know me by another name

Sars-Covid 2

I am a virus deadly in humans

I have mutated to change with the times

B1351 and B1617 the easy infection flow

I see the vaccines rolling by

The sign is telling me

I have a fight on my hand

But I am still winning

Because the people

They are stupid or brave

The rules and SOP

They don't want to tick

They will fall breaching SOP

Because I will take them easy

Now vaccines on its roll

Maybe I have a fight in my hands

I am C19

I have a fight in my eyes

The vaccines are rolling in

Maybe I have to disappear

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