Thursday, May 27, 2021

don't let life be a boring affair


Boring in life

It always happens

Boring jobs boring relationships

It is still boils down to the mind

The children's minds are active

They need to be actively involved

They can't watch without activities

They will get really bored!

On line tutoring

It has the dull moment

It doesn't have the active participation

As in live classes

Success comes what we learn

What we experience and knowledge gain

And how to use it to our advantage

As we dream as we ponder or nothing

Jogging or walking

As a way to change routine

Let the eyes and mind see

Something good in living

Too much jogging

It will cause knee pain

As we age

So the best is still walking

But life is to live in simplicity

Learn, enjoy, feel, smile, happy and free

No need to carry baggage or worry

Don't let life be a boring affair

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