Monday, May 10, 2021

the wind of bad air


Back door

Nothing seems ok

The bad jokes crack

Ordinary folks suffer

Joke of rape

In a school in Shah Alam

Student got victimized

MOE stays cool

Even NUTP takes lightly

Until public backlashes

Finally formally apologize

But weakness has been exposed

The student is fearless

She dares to challenge the system

Cracking sexual jokes shouldn't be

Though she is facing mental anguish

Because the school head and teacher

They aren't penalized for the way it is

MOE still investigating or finding ways to diffuse it?

Even the school head issued a warning letter to the student

What has gone wrong with our educators?

Because the standards of teaching have dropped

We don't have the dedicated teachers

We have those wanting to earn a living

Back door

The aroma isn't good

The wind of bad air

Ordinary folks suffer

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