Friday, May 21, 2021

the raging conflict


The raging conflict

It will never stop

If either side refuses

To seek a peaceful solution

The militancy havoc will rise

Causing lives and properties losses

And untold pain and misery or disfigurement

The raging conflict

In the Middle East countries

Of rivals back in the late 1940s

The peaceful solution should have been found

But both parties refuse to give way

Always want to stay in conflict zone

Using the military power to settle disputes

Causing death and pain through the generations

The raging conflict

Read the scriptures to understand

The weak shouldn't try to muscle in

Standing at a point of weak foundation

The winnding mindset isn't there at all

The better solution to fight for peace

Give a little show the way of friendship

A conflict of this mode in life

Both sides will suffer badly

Is this the way to settle a dispute?

The raging conflict

It is time to call a peace

Enough of the troublesome behaviour

The parties must come out to talk a truce

Divide a suitable place to live and prosper

The conflict in militancy will cause pain and sorrow

Stop it walk the path of The Lord God

Don't listen to Lucifer where he enjoys conflict

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