Friday, June 02, 2023

Anwar must find ways to break the chains


The nation is still a long way

Playing catch up with Singapore

The current politics will not bring us there

Because Anwar has to breakdown the structures

Will he dare to spook the Malays?

The good ones migrate overseas

They can't stand the band of extremists

Who are doing for their own benefits

As a Renaissance Man on the go

Anwar must find ways to break the chains

It is over 6 decades chained to a belief

Anwar was part of the food suppliers

He knows what he can do

Still he must be brave to break the chains

The nation can't be divided by race and religion

We will have change our ways to beat Singapore

Our currency and development

We can't stand close to Singapore

We need to cultivate the challenging habits

Why Singapore progress so well ahead

Everything mustn't be on race and religion

The nation will not see her progress quickly

She will find herself not in the upper chart

As it is she will suffer on poor policies

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