Wednesday, July 06, 2022

nature sends us warning again


Baling flood

Rising high causing misery

The pain the people will face

Nature always tells us something

Do the government leaders learn?

Do the senior civil servants think about it?

Better don't blame Nature for our woes

Because we forget to take care of Nature

Baling flood

3 persons drowned in it

The rising tides moved in quickly

I once lived in a flooded flash flood

The water rose up quickly

Within minutes it reached 4 feet of water

There would be no time to move anything

It was time to watch and play safe

It is sad the government leaders never learned

Every time there is a flood blame act of God

They don't blame themselves causing destruction to Nature

When the floods return to normal they will go back to the old way

Baling flood

Like those in Selangor or KL

Nature sends us warning

Take care of Nature she will take care of us

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