Saturday, July 02, 2022

the scarecrow wants to live in his game


The wolves howling for an early election

They can't stand the waiting time ahead

They are impatient and arrogant

The snarling words of their own benefits

They see the current situation

The scarecrow can't handle it well

It has become an economic rope around their necks

They can smell they will lose it all

The wolves can't wait

They are digging the ground for it

Telling the scarecrow to get it going

But the clueless man can't walk ahead

He begins to enjoy his power and taste

He wants to stay a bit longer to salivate it

He isn't in a hurry to get his party wishes

He knows he will not get there again

The wolves realize the setback

Inflation and recession have hit us hard

The prices of goods have gone up

Our currency rate has dropped badly

The anger on the ground

The police intimidation isn't going to help

It will make the people to hit back hard

The wolves will be history in GE15

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