Wednesday, July 28, 2021

azzmin feels the blue


Azzmin feels the blue

He has no chance to grow

Touted as the most trusted man

Moo finally dished him in a corner

He wasn't picked as deputy prime minister

A post he really wanted it in his resume

He couldn't hide his displeasure

His days may have fallen in the darkness

Will he stay in Bersatu?

One of the movers for the back door

Now karma bites him where it hurts most

His pride has been dented

His Sandakan video may push him in

One party has identified it is him

So far the police says can't identify

But the clip can be seen clearly!

Azzmin feels the blue

Moo wants him to be controlled

Now without his coveted position

Azzmin may feel he is being pushed away

It is best for him to retire

As one of the duplicitous traitors of the back door fame

The public will not welcome him

He should have stayed with PKR for his ambition

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