Thursday, July 29, 2021

moo and his cabinet better resign now


Moo and his Cabinet

They have to resign now

They shouldn't show their faces

They are a disgrace to the nation

HRH the King has expressed his displeasure

About the affairs on EO in Parliament

He wants debate on EO and voted

But not by Cabinet decision to revoked it

It is against the Federal Constitution

The Constitution is very clear on it

Any emergency law must be laid out for debate

Later it has to be voted for or against

Moo and his Cabinet should go

Many members and lawyers say

They have committed treason on HRH the King

They shouldn't show their faces now

The chief wolf now is his chance

He should seize it to demand his members resignations

Let the back door fall in shame

He may get back some credibility

Moo and his Cabinet

He scored a bad high 5

The last one on HRH the King and people

They better resign and take their shame away

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