Tuesday, July 27, 2021

no heat wave in parliament


The heat wave in the air

The temperature rising even indoors

The people are living uncomfortably

Even with fans whirring but hot air

Even with air- conditioning units switch on

Nobody wants to last it for many hours

Because of the energy cost eating out of the pockets

With the economic situation now is to save expenses

In Parliament we expect some fire works

But the back door just hits the buttons and walk away

Like Moo quickly disappears from the August House

He shows his lack of confidence and leadership

Now the opposition has to plan something

They have 5 days to turn it around

Get the motions even if by force

It happened in Perak in 2009 

The back door must not be on stage

No respect to Parliament and laws

Even the speaker takes side

He forgets he works for all the members

No heat wave in Parliament

Yesterday was a quite a cool affair

The wolves stayed quiet on EO

Let us hear what the next 4 days will bring?

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