Monday, July 26, 2021

the helicopter picks up food


The helicopter picks up food

Landed at Ipoh Padang

Every one wants to know why

Is the law allowed it?

Ipoh police says it will investigate

All parties involved with the food and helicopter

Flying from KL to Ipoh to pick up food

Must be a very expensive item to consume

Is it the rich trying to tell the ordinary folks?

You suffer for the lock down and emergency

But the rich says he can charter a helicopter

Travel inter-district or inter-state to pick up food

The Airport authority too will investigate

Finding out what rules have been broken

While the police will start interviewing

It will be another 30 days to know about it

The rich should think of the ordinary folks

It can help to feed the poor and hungry souls

The cost of the helicopter flight can feed many

This is why many got angry though he can say his money

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