Wednesday, July 28, 2021

don't get carried away while in power


When you haven't tasted power before

You will not know the knife can cut both ways

Once it is in your hands you can feel the energy flow

The power of authority every one will stay good

Because you have the power to decide on disciplinary action

To sack a person or to suspend an employee or deny his promotion

You have the sole right to judge your decision after a report

All subordinates will understand the rule of power

In the work place the management will use it

It is to instil discipline in all sectors in the organization

It is to bring as a united group to service the customers

There is no free loading for laziness or bad employees

In a way it makes a person stands out

The clout of power in his hand to mete out judgement

But it is also a curse if a person mishandles issues

Use it in the wrong way to create fear in the work place

Use power wisely every day

It can change rule

It can change place

Don't get carried away while you are in it

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