Saturday, July 24, 2021

what will the chief wolf do?


What will chief wolf do?

Now he knows who are the rogue wolves

What action will he take to preserve party dignity?

Will he stay quiet after the bombshell?

It will be interesting game to see

When Parliament session begins next week

Will he instruct his members to sit as opposition?

Since he declared his party isn't supporting the back door

Though Moo is playing ignorant

Knowing he has lost his majority numbers

But the AG may have given half truth answer

A majority can be lost outside Parliament

Perak case in 2009

The Federal court affirmed its decision

In this final round the Sultan of Perak won

A lost of majority can be decided outside the norm

The chief wolf should decide now

The rogue wolves must be dealt with swiftly

They shouldn't undermine his authority and Supreme Council

Else he will be known as a “Nato”

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