Monday, July 26, 2021

the clowns of the back door


The work of clowns

They want to entertain

Bring us laughter and joy

Even in our low bad situation

We laugh to forget

The pressures of pandemic

The worst government we face

Because it comes from the back door

Now we have the back door clowns

They can't entertain but bring sorrow

They bring shame to the nation

They bring shame to the people

They are good at spending

They aren't good at bringing economy up

FDI by-passing the country

Because of emergency, lockdowns and MCOs

In Parliament they announce EO cancelled

They do not want to bring to Parliament to debate and vote

It is against the supreme law of the nation

The clowns do it the back door way

We can't laugh

We can't cry

We feel angry

We feel the shame

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