Wednesday, July 28, 2021

the street where I stay


The street where I stay

It seems to attract mental illness people

In the beginning there was a family

The youngest son is a mental nut

Though he didn't make noise or shout

He would behave to show he is mad

His mother always gives it to him

She didn't want to make him angry

He was a teacher in an independent school

The next door neighbour said he had good grades

How he turn himself a mad man?

Sometimes love can make it bad

Then they shifted

When his sister bought a new house

In the same neighbourhood

About 800 meter away

Then the zombie man arrives

The shouting cry the whole day

For months his parents just pretended

They too aren't connected in their heads

One day he wanted to attack a woman

She video taped him on her handphone

She made her police report

They came and took him way

For six months the place was quiet

No more shouting the whole day

The street returned to its normal routine

After 6 months he returned from mental hospital

Now he doesn't shout anymore

He is quiet he must have taken his pills

The staff from the hospital will check sometimes

So far he stays quiet

Now there is a new tenant

This family has a mental guy

He uses to say out loud in the morning

Most of the time the same words and tone

Sometimes he will walk around the neighbourhood

Walking with a limp as he struggles on his way

I suspect he might have suffered a stroke

Because his right hand he hardly moves it

The street where I stay

3 families with mental sons

I will not know how they will be

Running amok one day?

As far as I know

Love turns wrong

Can cause a person

Turning into a mad animal

While growing up

My cousin turned mad

Because her mother disagreed

Her choice of man to marry

She turned into a mental patient

Always wanting to kill her mother

Her parents locked her in her room

She stayed in for good

She was nice to me

Through her window

Even my mother could talk to her

But not her own mother

When we shifted house

I didn't see her any more

The last time I heard

She passed away with her broken dreams

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