Tuesday, December 05, 2023

the internal conflict in amanah


The internal conflict in Amanah

The team of A and B to the fore

Seeking to challenge for the president's post

At a time concentration efforts should be the norm

The usual culprit will be the power game

It smells good to have in the hand

Enriching it in the centre stage

Hearing the applauses singing his name

At a time to heal the nation

Amanah a party in UG should stay focus

Winning the rural voters to change the picture

Paradise isn't when we all passed away

The delegates should vote for the current team

Let the building to win the rural voters begin

This is the challenge for the Amanah leaders

Fighting the crocodiles need full efforts

They should know the score

Once they were the crocodiles

Now it's the time to build up support

The rural folks must be convinced

Don't let the internal conflict

Causing problem within the ranks

As a small party to play a role

It is best they focus on building bases

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