Tuesday, December 05, 2023

marriage is a poker game


Marriage is a poker game

You don't show your cards openly

You have to maintain in the presence

Don't get fooled by love alone

Many couples hitched and divorced

Some 3 years some decades later

The root causes can be lust and finance

Along the bumpy rides to relationship

Nobody wants a marriage union breaks up

As marriage is a poker game in life

Don't take every season for granted

Men have always a tendency to shift eyes

A woman should focus on her marriage

Don't forget to entice her man

Once a routine comes into play

The focus must change again

A married life falls apart

When lust and finance hit the chart

The tears of pain will not erace the footprints

Time will not heal the deceit and lies

Still many will try

Play the game in the mind

Lock in to stay in focus

Don't lust and finance sneak in quietly

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