Thursday, February 02, 2023

macc freeze moos bank accounts


MACC freeze Moos bank accounts

The heat is piling up for all to see

The anti-money laundry cases hit the news

Moos will have to explain to MACC

Two days ago Moos bragged of audited accounts

The truth isn't in the published statements

It is how the monies came to be in the possession

Rightful earnings or illegal commissions?

It was a publicity stunt

Believing the people would accept it

Now it will hurt the image of the Moos

One claimed it as political prosecution

These leaders should tell the truth

How they get the millions into their accounts?

There are still monies hiding somewhere?

In the GE15 millions were spent by Moos?

MACC will rank up the investigations

A few have been remanded and investigated

The truth will come out in the open

Moo and Bawang will quiver in silence

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