Thursday, February 02, 2023

the PUA artists


The PUA artists

Finding hard to pick up women

Knowing the current rules

The women will not easily sway

The #Metoo campaign ranks up the scale

The PUA artists have to know the play

Approaching women aren't that easy now

The law is in town to catch the Casanovas

The safe bet in the night clubs

Where the hedonist women will play

The game of “catch me if you can” thing

The PUA artists may have a chance indeed

It is always the cold approach

The men who are weak will shy away

It is the PUA artists running off the game

The young hot women or divorcees

But the PUA artists are worried

On the law running in the country

The private touches can go to hell

If the women cry foul instead

The PUA artists finding hard to pick up women

The women have groups to bring these people down

It is the hedonist women the PUA artists have a play

In the night clubs or in the crowded places to stay

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