Wednesday, February 01, 2023

the corruption index


The corruption index

Malaysia drops lower again

The perception is still bad

The reforms need to be done

Anwar mustn't talk

He needs to take appropriate measures

In his administration he must have the will to do it

Corruption seeps through every layer of society

Study the case law of Hong Kong police

How the police was totally corrupted then

It took a political will to change the police force

Now the police in Hong Kong get their credit back

Anwar cited Manchester United legendary manager

How he cobbled together a team from different background

Driving MU to championship glory for years

He should use it on himself to get rid of the corruption menace

In his era he must make the reforms

He mustn't take his time to get there

He has no luxury to time on his side

He needs to start cracking and be done with it

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