Monday, October 03, 2022

we share the destiny to make the nation progress


The wolves mustn't allow to return

There is no reason for these politicians

They have caused the nation problems and shame

We don't have to stomach it any more

When GE15 is called we must vote in good faith

The wolves will have to go back to the forest

Howl to the dark moon until they fall asleep

We mustn't allow them to return to cause us misery

When the wolves return they will install a friendly AG

One who can help the wolves from prosecution

So these bad politicians can plunder without fear

They will be above the law!

Besides we mustn't elect the side kick too

They will share the same DNA by following

The country mustn't allow to feel the pain

She has enough headaches of the past 62 years

By GE15 the voters must kick out the wolves

The nation interests must be protected and saved

Our lives must be taken care without divide and rule

We share the destiny to make the nation progress

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