Tuesday, October 04, 2022

GE15 is heating up


GE15 is heating up

The wolves glaring to go

Every minute in the clock

They demand it to happen!

The turtle man must go

The order is out for him to do

Has audience with His Majesty

Pave the way for GE15 next month

Every politician read the news

The Moos against the move

The turtle man needs to discuss

The coalition partners backing him

It is because of one man

Afraid to go to prison in the coming months

He thinks by declaring GE15 he may escape his fate

It is written for his fate he has to go to prison

The turtle man needs to wake up

He doesn't need to follow order

Let the party affairs stay that way

He is the prime minister he should act as one

But he has no conviction

He may have an audience with His Majesty

It is up to His Majesty to give consent

The King has his right to reject dissolution of Parliament

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