Tuesday, October 04, 2022

let MO1 wear the orange suit


Let MO1 wear the orange suit

Help him to realize his sad day in his life

Let him wake up to his reality

He allows too many leeway

Even in attending court

He should wear the orange suit

He needs to wear it

So he can wake up from his condition

The HC judge doesn't do justice

Other prisoners have to don the orange suit

It is the prison's SOP when attending court

Let there be no special way for MO1

He is a convict

His previous posts doesn't count

He broke the law

He has to pay for his crime

As it is today

He gets too many leeway

No judge should accord him his requests

It must be fair to the other prisoners

Let him wear the orange suit

It will let him realize his crime

Let him wake up to his reality

So he can understand his sins

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