Wednesday, May 05, 2021

the corrupt frogs


The corrupt frogs

Jumping out to smile

The benefits are many

Maybe cases will be dropped

The opposition lodged police reports

Will there be an open investigation?

More likely the police will stay quiet

They wait for the political master to say

Out-going IGP opened admission

There is a justification Macc should go in

These officers shouldn't wait for reports

They should be pro-active every time

Home Affairs minister should be probed

Since a police report has been lodged

Nobody is above the law

Let us see how the police will work on it


AGC will say it isn't sleeping

It will take a long while to wake up

In the cabinet waiting to be dusted

The corrupt frogs

The opposition will realize who they are

The duo make the police report

Let the police tell the public or will they?

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