Saturday, December 03, 2022

the choices one has to make


Moo has nothing to say

Only the bad vibrations

He just wants to rub on his rubbish

Feeling angry he didn't get his job

Anwar hasn't got much choices

He inherited a job full of grease

He needs all he can to carry it away

A mixture to stay relevant for the nation

Bersih can have its view

Just think of the nation now

Covid19 causing hardship to millions

Even the economy takes a hit hard

He wants to get on with his job

Though his selection not all are good

Still he needs to compromise with so many partners

Forming the unity government to carry the nation through

Moo isn't in his perspective

He sees it as a sore loser

He better retires to take care of his illness

Don't let the cortisol take control of his life

Anwar should hold the finance portfolio for a year

Set the controls and how it needs to be done

Then review it and let RR take it over

He can be a busybody man on the go

The choices one has to make

In a partnership of many parties involved

The principles need to adjust again

On reality for the good of the people and nation

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