Friday, December 02, 2022

in Tambun the Cabinet list will be announced


The Cabinet list

His Majesty sees it

Now Anwar has to announce

When he returns to Tambun

The voters gave him good luck

His dream finally came true

In Tambun he will announce it

The waiting will be finally over

The Cabinet list

The compromises have to be made

No party will be satisfied in it

Because it is a unity government

One court cluster has to join in

He is instrument for PH to form the government

A good deed mustn't be forgotten

We can't have the green shirt change our lives

The good governance still be can done

As long as the ministers work for the nation

Nothing to do with personal glory in times of hardship

The idealists should take a backseat for now

The Cabinet list

In Tambun the people will get the news

As Anwar will announce it today

The idealists shouldn't make so much noises

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