Friday, December 02, 2022

the Cabinet formed


The Cabinet list announced

In live telecast to the nation

Anwar uses it to inform the people

The ministers in his unity government

Not every one will be satisfied

Because some will come through the backdoor

There are 148 MP to choose from

Why need to appoint senators to take the jobs?

Now the engine has started

The nation will gear it up

The people will watch

The losers will try to sabotage

Anwar and his team

They need to hit the road in quick steps

There is no time to lose now

The nation needs to get on her feet

After a year Anwar should review it again

Maybe he can relinquish his Finance Minister post

He has to stay on as a busy body to check through

All must work together for the nation and people

The MP in the Cabinet

It is a responsibility entrusted to them

They have to work hard for the nation

On economy and cut the wastage and leakages

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